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When you're looking for solutions that have a meaningful impact, the Sawgrass Group is the perfect solution.

The Sawgrass Group Inc
The Sawgrass Group Inc
The Sawgrass Group Inc
The Sawgrass Group Inc

A leader in Online Public Safety Testing and Evaluation Services and Strategic Human Resource Development

The Sawgrass Group is the premiere management consulting firm that provides valuable services in Public Safety Testing & Evaluation as well as strategic human resource development services.

We provide online hiring and promotional assessment along with strategic consulting engagements in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), organizational development, strategic thinking, planning and alignment, and a variety of other desirable outcomes for clients. We work with public safety and higher education institutions across the U.S.

The name Sawgrass is derived from the dominant plant species in the Everglades and wetlands of Florida. Aptly named Sawgrass because the sharp-toothed edges of its leaf blades can draw blood from a bare arm or leg.

In our business, these sharp blades of grass represent the organizational development problems that occur in the workplace. Have you run across these “blades” and experienced painful attempts to address the real problem? Do you look for solutions that only address cutting away the blades but never eliminate the problem's root cause?

At Sawgrass, we're passionate about finding clients who desire to find real solutions that move the organization, team, or person closer to achieving strategic objectives and purpose.

Our Strategic Human Resource Development Approach Stuck in Paralysis by Analysis?

Often the root of a performance problem isn’t always clear, and the ‘thorny’ exterior can hide the real issue. At the Sawgrass Group, we believe in helping our leaders challenge traditional assumptions about why organizations, teams, and individuals do not meet performance expectations.

Our firm has the experience, expertise, and insights to help you navigate this thorny exterior to find the root cause of what is holding you back from performing at your best.

Our Online Testing Platform

At Sawgrass, we like to think outside the box – and beyond. We believe in continued technological innovation to tackle the challenges of efficient, reliable and valid methods of testing and evaluation. If you’re committed to technological innovation, we can help you find real solutions that generate meaningful results to add value to your organization and move closer to achieving your strategic objectives.

The Sawgrass Group Inc

Looking for Lasting Impact?

We take pride in maximizing value by maintaining realistic and achievable solutions that provide a lasting impact on your organization. We only work with clients who are comfortable with the commitment it takes to change truly. We teach them how to sustain that change through continual improvement for results that last far into the future. We not only lead you through what it takes to change today, but we also teach you how to improve tomorrow to continue performing at your best.

Ready for real change?

We believe in innovation and getting to the root cause to transform your organization according to your needs and unique situation.

If you want results that bring returns far into the future – call us.